full name anna michelle kline-anderson professionally goes by anna kline birthdate August 30, 1985 current residence sleepy hollow, new york occupation author, librarian, and podcast host relationship status married
He was a musician and she was an artist, and their love story was one of those ones you couldn’t dream up. The year was 1982 and the City was New York, they met in the east village a coffee shop and the rest was history. Michael Henry Kline and Sarah Jean Millison. He was a struggling musician who played local dives just to make ends meet and she was a struggling artist who was trying everything to get one of her paintings sold. Apart they seemed a mess, but together together they made sense. Perfect and utter sense. Eventually the dating became living together. Eventually the struggling became well known. Soon an engagement, a pregnancy. Ethan Michael Kline. A wedding happened and a second pregnancy soon followed. However Michael and Sarah felt like New York city wasn’t the place to raise their family. They loved the city and all, but it wasn't the place to raise a growing family So when Sarah was four months pregnant the Kline’s left the city and made a new home in Sleepy Hollow, New York. Then August 30, 1985, 6 pounds and 7 ounces, Anna Michelle Kline. She was absolutely beautiful, and everything her parents wanted in a daughter. By the time Anna was three her father was releasing his second album with his band, and her mother was selling paintings left and right. Things had really turned around for this couple who once met in a coffee shop and talked forever about their hopes and dreams. And thought they were just that, hopes and dreams. All they hoped was that things would continue this way for quite some time. And things did stayed great for a long time, however only a year later Michael’s band came to an end and so did his hopes for being a rockstar. Sure he had made it big for a while, releasing four albums, tons of fans. But it was over and he had to move on with life. Thankfully he was able to do just that when he took a music job at Suny Purchase in Purchase, New York.

Growing up around both music and art everyone thought that Anna would follow in one of their footsteps, much like her brother Ethan who was enamored with music as soon as he began speaking. However even though Anna loved both music and art greatly, it was writing that was her passion. Ever since she could remember she always wrote. Little stories and poems. However being a child they probably weren’t all that great to anyone else besides her parents, yet as she got older her writing improved and her teachers started to notice. While Ethan focused mostly on his music and sports, Anna focused on other things. She tried the vegan thing in high school, even starting up a club with some friends who were also into the same lifestyle. She took dance, and played in the orchestra for a year and a half on the viola. Took guitar lessons, but mostly to just be able to jam with her brother and father than to really do anything with it. Anna joined the newspaper and read poetry whenever her school held poetry readings. Her short stories were entered often by her teachers in writing competitions held in the school. And when she was fifteen a magazine published one of her stories.

As many teenagers did, she hung out with her friends, got in trouble causing many punishments throughout her life. And of course the dreaded high school job and of course what would be better than a supermarket. For three years Anna worked at a local supermarket and if it wasn’t for some of her coworkers she probably would have shot the place up. Well not really, but the thought had definitely crossed her mind on a few occasions. Things changed greatly when Anna became seventeen, her parents announced they were getting a divorce and her mother had fallen in love with someone else. The someone being a fellow painter, and Kacie Gertz. The surprise that not only her mother had feelings for someone else but that it was a woman came quite a shock to Anna and Ethan. However they loved their mother greatly and would support her in any decision she made. While Michael decided to stay in Sleepy Hollow with Anna and Ethan. Sarah moved back to the city and opened an art galleria with her lover. While Ethan poured his feelings over everything that happened into his music, Anna did the same with her writings. She became such a frequent in a local magazine that they hired her to write a monthly column.

After high school, Anna was accepted into Sarah Lawrence for creative writing. While she was a sophomore she began to write a story about a girl who grew up in a limelight, the daughter of a major rock star that had been around for years, but after too many mistakes the girl is sent to live in a small town with her aunt and uncle and for the first time ever she had to live a normal life. Now even though Anna’s stories had always been fictional she always found herself taking bits and pieces from her life as well as modeling certain characters over people that had passed through her life. She probably worked on that one story for two years and finally when it was finished she knew she had to do something with it. Once she graduated Sarah Lawrence and found a local apartment she eventually found herself contacting publishers and thankfully due to her many publications in magazines through her life she was able to send off her book and in September 2008 her first book was published. Lights Out, a teen novel. It sold a decent amount and definitely got Anna noticed more, and eventually she started to focus on a second novel. However not too long after sitting down to do so, her dad broke his leg and wanting to be a good daughter, and since her lease was up on her apartment she decided to move back home and help her dad around the house until he was able to recover. So Anna headed back to Sleepy Hollow and focused on writing a second novel while trying to enjoy her early twenties at the same time. After all, a girl is only young once in her life.

After being home for a small amount of time, she eventually moved out of her father's house for the second time in her life and into an apartment with her friend Jillian. It was here that one day her best friend since diapers showed up on her doorstep basically begging for forgiveness. They had a complicated falling out and although it was painful, she knew it was more painful not having him in his life. As time passed the feelings the two had denied for so long finally came to the surface and they gave into them. After almost a year of being back together and having known each other for 25 years, the two eloped in Vegas.

• Michael Henry Kline, father• Sarah Jean Kline, mother• Ethan Michael Kline, brother
works of fiction
• Lights Out (2008)• Plain & Simple: A Tale of Firsts (2010)• Sweet Daydreams (2011)• Evolved (Co-written by Robert Kasem • 2012)• From Below (2014)• Keen Senses (Co-written by Robert Kasem • 2017)
Currently co-hosts a horror podcast with Robert Kasem and occasional guest host Ruby Harding. Episodes are release 2 or 3 times a month, and the group discusses new and old films, conventions, horror television shows, as well as works as fiction.
Currently co-hosts a true crime podcast with Elias Cabot and occasional guest hosts. Episodes are released once a month and focus on a particular crime from the past or the present.